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One of the things that can not be avoided in life is change. And in these strange times that we now live in, “change” is surely THE BIG WORD. We find ourselves living through such changes in almost all spheres of existence that it is hard to imagen such times have happened before in human existence. This applies to everyone, included us. In our own life there have been a constant flow of changes in recent years, so much that we have struggled coming to terms with them and others even more. And ahead are more major changes coming and this is one of them:

We have decided to quit offering the InHarmony Retreat courses that we have been offering during the summer, but instead resort to writing, crafts and other kind of tourism related to the environment and nature. This may not come as a surprise, we have been moving more and more in that direction in recent years and it goes hand in hand with our reforestation plans and High nature value farming that we are working on becoming part of.

Now we have started preparing for the summer ahead. In our new project experience and education will be woven together in a fun 1-2 hours visits,  for both Icelanders and foreign guests here at Gufuá. People will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the land and farming practices and those living there including our two and four legged life stock. Enjoy the company of horses, sheep, goats, chicken, dogs, cats and ofcourse ours.

As before, we will  do our best to make every visit a quality time for the participants, an unforgettable visit for those who are traveling and want to meet the locals and get a unique experience.

The inevitable side effect of quitting our InHarmony courses is that now we suddenly have few quality horses at the farm, that we no longer have a role for in our activities. We have decided to offer them for sale. They are horses in best age; 8-12 years, well-trained riding horses that have served us and our guests very well the last years.  Reliable, valuable horses – the kind that all horsepeople love and appreciate.  We have always put emphasis on not overdoing our horses with unfair, too long or too much clinic work so they all have the flame and the interest the icelandic horse is known for. Probably we will put some ads on fb. in the next weeks with photos and detailed information on each of them. For those riders who have been here, know the horses and are looking to buy, it would be advisable to do so asap, we don´t know how long it is going to take before they are gone.

That said we wish you an enjoyable Sunday. Hopefully we will now with a new moon see a little bit more stable weathers here in Iceland. With the last weeks having been series of constanlty changing weathers, costing man and beast lives and making work and normal activities many times more difficult than they need to be is is time for little more stable weather.

Take care <3


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