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Back to one of my favorite places

Nearly 20 years ago, when we were living at the farm Staðarhús, there were two large lakes on the farm that had been dried up in the middle of last century. We had them  restored to former condition. Since then there is wetland and two big, beautiful lakes there named Rauðatjörn and Meratjörn.

After the cold winter weather we have had last weeks, all lakes are frosen – including these - and they are secure to ride on, which has not been the case in recent years. The ice last winters has simply not been thick enough due to too little and short frost periods. This week-end we have this fantastic winter weather here in West Iceland and thick ice on the lakes ... and that means only one thing; Riding on ice!

Therefore we took some horses from the stable and brought them to Gufuá for the week-end, and rode them on ice today. Actually, I started this morning on another lake close to Hvanneyri named Valshamarsvatn – just to warm up for this afternoon. Then I took Perla and Hrund to Rauðatjörn and tested the ice there – both of them trying ice-riding for the first time.

It is amazing – I´m back to one of my favourite places that I know so well. Circumstances where all is perfect; the horses – the ice – the weather  - the surroundings

Nothing can beat this glory!


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