The traditional Icelandic waymarkers

What you will do:

You will be taken for a two-hour long story telling walk and animal encounter on our beautiful farm. There you´ll learn about farm life in Iceland in general from locals perspective whilst taking in some scenery and culture.

We´ll be treading a path between cairns that mark our way. You will hear some sagas, true stories, fiction and everything in between. It will be super fun, casual and interesting. We´ll be walking in the pristine surroundings of our farm Gufuá in West-Iceland.

You´ll wade across a small river, visit a beautiful waterfall, make a halt at the Icelandic stone cairns called “vörður”. They are ancient waymarkers located in special places where you can see far and wide – and that is what we will do; take in some scenery and culture and look deeper into what it is that we have in front of our eyes.

A part of our 300 ha farm is a valuable wildlife and wetland area that is in the process of being classified as “High nature value farming”. A part of our walking path between the cairns goes through that area and can be viewed from there. The walk is not too strenuous, and we will walk at a leisurely pace. Bear in mind that you will be hiking, so there is no solid concrete path and the walk involves a bit of hill and slope walking.




















Lots of smiles and laughter are guaranteed along the way! At every cairn we stop at, there will be plenty of time for photos, questions, discussions and storytelling.

You will hear sagas and tales about the hidden people living in the rocks, the elves and other nature spirits belonging to this land. And you will get acquainted with the plants, rocks, mountains and weather along with the wild and domestic animals thriving in the area.

The last cairn on the path is at the old sheep stable where you can visit the four legged animals on the farm.


2 hours total.
28 USD / 25 EUR pr.person
Available: 1.June – 1.November.

Booking available through Airbnb:


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