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Aramis Grand Prix

The Aramis Grand Prix is captivating, with its reserved elegance and emphasizes the beauty of the horse. It owes it’s slender appearance to the narrow flap and the absence of superfluous material.

Aramis Grand Prix is a dressage saddle that offers the rider a soft seat and very good support. A large part of the unique sitting comfort of the Aramis Grand Prix is due to the new knee pads. These are particularly elegant around the high and short blocks, allowing the knees to lie freely. Since the saddle nestles up perfectly to the horse and rider right from the start, it does not take long to break in and is immediately ready for any gait or exercise. Optional, it comes with a seamless seat, which means that the leather of the saddle seat is free of any interruptions and promises particularly comfortable riding pleasure. Like all our other saddles, it is built on the famous Stübben springtree, which allows for the rider to sit closely within the horse´s movement.

This saddle is absolutely the one for those who want a beautiful saddle of the best quality, with an extra deep and comfortable seat suitable for competition and training.













  • The Aramis Grand Prix comes in three different seat sizes (17”, 17,5” & 18”) 


    Stitchings are available in many colours

  • Leather available in colors black, ebony, redwood, tabacco and more

  • Fittings available in silver, brass, graphite and rose gold

  • Full Stübben Style options


Biomex in the saddles seat puts less pressure on the riders tailbone and because of that the rider experiences less tiredness in the back. The Biomex also lifts the rider a little bit up in the saddle.  He then doesn´t have to sit with the legs as spread as with a normal seat. This is especially good for those with stiffness in the hips.

But you don´t need to have bad hips for the Biomex - some riders just like this kind of a seat better.


Biomex is available for all types of the Benni´s Harmony saddles except Comfort. 

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