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Let's talk about horses

This brand new book (December 2021) is written by Benni Líndal and his wife Sigga Ævars.

The book is in many ways different from other horse-books on the marked. It is over 250 pages at length, comes in a comfortable size with easy to read text on different matters and is especially beautifully illustrated. In order to deliver what the authors have to say to the readers they mix education, stories, reflections, art, poem and more and the outcome is this marvelous book. It leaves no horse people untouched. A truly unique and inspiring book that has received great reviews from both readers and horse press critics.

Translations of the book to English and German were published in summer 2022. 


"When you start reading this book, you won't stop until you've finished it. And it will be read over and over again. This is the Horseman's bible and it is here to stay. Congratulations to Sigga and Benni for this entertaining and approachable reading, written in human language." Ingimar Jónsson, horse breeder and farmer, Flugumýri, Skagafjörður

"A divine book, whether you are a horse person or not. Finally, there is a book that deals with the feelings of animals / horses with understanding and in harmony that must exist between man and horse. Beautiful and well written, accessible and attractive and the design unique. Humane and profound, full of respect for all that lives. And the pictures are also spectacular! " Gróa Finnsdóttir – Bókagull (Book rewiew/critic)

"I received the book and could not put it away." Ásdís Haraldsdóttir journalist, critic at Hestamennska

"I already read mine, thanks for a entertaining and informative reading." Monika Kimpfler, horse trainer and breeder

"I'm reading your book. She meets me right in the heart. It supports my own speculations connected to those times, when things don´t go well, that then I need to find out what I am doing wrong? " Sigurður Björnsson, a rider

"I´m almost finished reading the book and I have only one word for it: Fantastic"! Stefanía Geirsdóttir a rider and breeder

“I went to bed with the book Tölum um hesta, that Sigga and Benni recently  published. "I finished two chapters and then decided to take a day off from work the next day to finish reading the whole book. Thank you for writing this book." Haffi Gíslason, a rider, coach, lecturer, mental trainer and therapist

"Truly a unique book, thank you". Margrét Dögg Halldórsdóttir a horse trainer and rider

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