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A sporty competition saddle.

Focus has an elegant and sporty look. It has big kneepads that give a good knee and thigh support and a great seat that makes it easier for the rider to sit inside the horse's movement.

Extra padding in the seat, which makes it even softer.

Saddle pads are stuffed with natural wool.

You can have the saddle in one colour, or you can have it very nicely decorated with coloured leather or with Icelandic fish leather. 

Seat size: M (17,5”) og S (17”)

Saddle tree width: 32 cm 

Colour: One colour of your choice or a combination of two colours of your choice.

You can also choose the colour of the seam – same colour as the leather or a different one.

For 2000 ikr extra it is possible to have an imprinted plate signed with the owners name on it put on all saddle types. 


Biomex in the saddles seat puts less pressure on the riders tailbone and because of that the rider experiences less tiredness in the back. The Biomex also lifts the rider a little bit up in the saddle.  He then doesn´t have to sit with the legs as spread as with a normal seat. This is especially good for those with stiffness in the hips. 

But you don´t need to have bad hips for the Biomex - some riders just like this kind of a seat better.


Biomex is available for all types of the Benni´s Harmony saddles except Comfort. 


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