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In this video Benedikt Líndal opens the doors to his training center in Iceland and allows the audience to follow him and his work with several horses through a whole training season.

He continues from where he left off in his last video “Starting Horses”, and shows the audience different effective ways to advanced training. Amongst other things he covers the importance of versatility in the training process, gait training, how to create a good atmosphere in order to keep the horse happy and enthusiastic which improves results, the correct use of Icelandic curb bits and much more.

By building up a mutual trust and respect and by using methods that the horse understands, the foundation for cooperation is laid. It will become easier to find the best in each horse, whether it be a competition horse or a family horse.

The goal of the training process is that the horse should be well trained, supple and soft, light on the bit, responsive, physically strong and secure in the different gaits.


The music in the film is composed and played by Jens Einarsson.
Fun to watch – Easy to understand – Effective in use.

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