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An all rounder that simply works.

A beautifully designed, light and compact saddle for every purpose. Soft and horse friendly panels. Medium size knee pads especially soft under the knee. Extra padding in the seat, which makes it even softer.

Available with medium deep and deep seat.

Price: 395.000 isk incl. tax. 

Seat size: M (17,5”) og S (17”)

Saddle tree width: 32 cm 

Colour: One colour of your choice or a combination of two colours of your choice.


Biomex in the saddles seat puts less pressure on the riders tailbone and because of that the rider experiences less tiredness in the back. The Biomex also lifts the rider a little bit up in the saddle.  He then doesn´t have to sit with the legs as spread as with a normal seat. This is especially good for those with stiffness in the hips.

But you don´t need to have bad hips for the Biomex - some riders just like this kind of a seat better.


Biomex is available for all types of the Benni´s Harmony saddles except Comfort.


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