You are never too young for quality!

Elegant Junior is especially designed for children.

It is lightweight and provides good support for the child and therefore safety.

With a ribbed seat and good knee rolls, as well as safety strap at the front. It has a Stübben saddle tree and looks good on the horse. Padded with natural wool.

This saddle is intended as a first saddle up to age 11 -12 years.

Colour: brown or black.

Price: 250.000 isk incl.VAT

Seat size: M (17,5”) og S (17”)

Saddle tree width: 32 cm 

Colour: One colour of your choice or a combination of two colours of your choice.

For 2000 ikr extra it is possible to have an imprinted plate signed with the owners name on it put on all saddle types.