Hófadís IS2011235676 frá Eyri SOLD

Sired by Brjánn IS2006187804 frá Blesastöðum / Mother: Hæra IS1997257160 frá Skefilsstöðum. 
A very nice & lovely four gaited mare with a lot of tölt. Good movements and foot lift. 

Fun to ride, light on the bit, responsive, physically strong and comfortable both in riding and handling. 

No history of ailment or lameness of any kind. A horse for an experienced rider. 

Perla IS2009235675 frá Eyri.

Sired by Glotti IS2002136610 frá Sveinatunga WC 2011 / Mother Hera IS1997257160 frá Skefilsstadir. A five gaited chestnut mare with light colored mane and tail. Strong, diligent and healthy. She has been ridden in our InHarmony clinics by different people. Tölt and trot are good, pace has not been trained. Footlifts and shoulder movements good. Interesting blood line to breed further. Suitable as a good all-round riding horse and for lighter competition for riders with some riding experience.

Price: Open offer

Hrund I S2013236567 frá Stað 

Sired by Hrynur IS2007137718 frá Hrísdal / Mother Storð IS1998288212 frá Hrafnkelsstadir 1. A bay mare with a small star on the forehead (only few white hair) and an interesting blood line (1.price parents). A very good looking five gaited mare, ridden ca.5 months. Beautiful and talented. Tölt and trot good with good shoulder and leg movements. Character good and honest. A potential competition horse, a candidate for students going to Hólar University Collage, a competition horse, a breeding mare.

Price: Open offer

Blæja IS2008235679 frá Eyri SOLD

Sired by Blær IS1999166214 from Torfunes / Mother Hera IS1997257160 frá Skefilsstadir. Gray – will become white. A five gaited mare with good tölt and average shoulder movements and foot lifts. Character reliable and gentle, temperament good. She has been ridden in our clinics for years and has been very popular by the student. An interesting bloodline which is okay to breed further. 

Hátíð 2006235945 frá Hellubæ SOLD
Sired by Fursti IS2000186002 frá Stóra-Hof / Mother Þöll IS1999235940 frá Hellubæ. A bay four-gait mare, diligent and reliable. Good trot. Tölt is a little bit on the trotty side. Hátíð has been used in our riding clinics and is strong, sturdy and dependent.

Björk IS2010235680 frá Eyri SOLD

Sired by Skálmar IS2006 frá Nýjabær / Mother Fífa IS1986257260 frá Gili. A very comfortable and reliable dark bay mare, not big. Tölt is good in slow and up to middle tempo and she has been very popular in our clinics. Makes the rider feel like sitting in a sofa. A lovely tölt-machine, for riders with some riding experience.

Sóldís IS2015236476 frá Gufuá

Sired by Thytur IS2005135813 frá Skáney / Mother Size IS1998288212 frá Hrafnkelsstaðir 1. A beautiful and big young mare with the thick and long mane, color red dun. Only ridden for 1 month. Likable and lovely both when ridden and in handling. Trot is good but tölt is a little pacy at the moment and needs to be worked on.

Price is 2.000 EUR.

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