Lovely Leader Sheep experience


What you will do: 

You´ll get to know the unique Icelandic Leader Sheep – which is the original sheep-breed the Vikings brought with them when they settled in Iceland more than 1100 years ago.



















I will take you to our sheep stables, where you will meet the unique Icelandic Leader sheep in person – rams, ewes and lambs. The Icelandic Leader sheep – who has unique features in physical characteristics, personality, intellect and wool quality, is a subpopulation within the Icelandic sheep breed. Nowhere else in the world will you encounter such an animal. It exists only in Iceland – and only in a small quantity.

They are friendly, tame and intelligent animals with many colours and distinct characters.


I will tell you the history of these animals, their products, how they were used in the past and why there are so few left.  

During the visit, you'll feed them treats, which I provide, take selfies and groom.  I´ll answer your questions and you will have a chance to sit in the pen and cuddle with them 

This is a fabulous photo opportunity, so don’t forget to take as many pictures as you like to capture all those important memories. 

We can assure you that your meeting with the Leader sheep will be woolly, soft, smelly, funny, interesting and awesome. 


















We´d love to give you our personal service and our hope is that you´ll get the best of memories, a lot of funny photos and a unique experience. 

If the weather is good, we will be spending most of our time outside, but if not, we´ll be inside the stables. Appropriate seasonal attire and good shoes for walking are needed. Waterproof boots are a must if it is wet or rainy!  In any case, please be dressed appropriate to the weather – warm and waterproof.  




1,5 hour 

Price: 26 US$ / 21 EUR (3700 ikr.) free for 3 years and younger.

Available: 1. November  - 1. June


Benni: +354 863-6895 Sigga: +354 893-1793