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Saint Sigga

OMG, where will this end !? The sheep has moved into the living room, the cat has taken over the dog cage that the sheep was supposed to stay in – everything is messed up and no wonder that Moli is both surprised and jealous and demands answers to the following questions: Is this situation really okay? What is my role supposed to be in this story anyway ??! There is no wonder that a dog asks when all of his life is suddenly turned upside down.

Explanation: Right now it is the lamb-season at our farm, meaning that our sheep are having their babies. Almost all of our sheep are the rare “Leader sheep” breed and even though they themselves are already two years old they are having lambs for the first time. This means they have spent a little bit too long time just taking care of themselves and now need to get used to a new role as mothers with two lambs. On top of that Leader sheep are known for their intelligence, independency and unique characters – which can become a problem if there is a disagreement in opinions between us and them.

1. Well, let´s have a look at how this all came about. The leadersheep-ram Loftur jumped out of the monastery he shared with his friend Vísir in the fall - long before his service was requested. His path lay straight to the meadow where our lovely Leader sheep ladies waited for him. Thus, we are now having all these lambs being born that were not supposed to come until middle of May or so.

2. Leader sheep Dagbjört bears two healthy lambs during the night. Because she is unexperienced, one of her lamb wanders off and gets lost among the other sheep and mother and baby fail to bond and form a loving and constructive maternity relationship – which is crucial for the lambs future.

3. The next morning Sigga comes to the stable and discovers what has happened, finds the lamb cold and tired lying in a corner and says, "Oh my dear, you lie there all alone", jumps into the pen, picks up the lamb, feeds it and brings it back to life. And since the lamb is especially intelligent, being a pure breed Leader sheep, it immediatly bonds, decides that Sigga must be the good mother that it was missing the whole night and decides to follow her closely hereafter. And to top it all off, as the scene looked from the lamb's point of view the savior literally came down from the heaven. So that every time the lamb hears Sigga´s voice, it recognizes it and responds intantly by looking up to the heavens and listening closely – answerering in this very cute woice: mee = "Here I am my good mother".

4. The real mother Dagbjört's leader sheep is just happy with these affairs, long since she forgot that she had born two children, she is bad with numbers anyway and only wants the first born – the male. So she starts beating the little baby girl Birta to get rid of her since she doesn´t think she belongs to her. And that is how it happened that Birta, the little sheep was taken into the house overnight cause we didn´t want to leave her with the family under these circumstances.

5. Okayokay! Leader sheep are by nature very alert animals, in fact, they can be rather spooky and wild if not trained properly. We are going to start offering “life experiences” with our lifestock this summer and invite people to come for a short visit to get to know them, so it is ideal to have a lamb of the Leader sheep breed growing up with people at the farm. That way it will be calmer and more easy going around foreighners, and will be funny being around as she grows up.

But ... not everyone finds it equally funny. There was a lot of nervous vibration and tension in the other residents of the house when Birta came there yesterday evening. Moli (our small dog with the big ego) was going to eat the lamb immediately. But when he wasn´tallowed to do that and the lamb was put into his dog-cage to sleep overnight, he became very offended and frustrated (he´s a drama queen and often has such reactions). And Birta herself was not happy with that move either, wept loudly, and made it clear that no-one would have a sound night sleep in our small house - so the cage was opened. This future Leadersheep reconciled to sleep in the living room if Sigga would be there too. The cat - which has its main base in the living room – now showed his true nature and became rather abusive and made several attempts to wrestle the lamb - who knew nothing of the sort and didn´t respond appropriately but lay down to sleep. So he soon gave up and decided to steal the cage instead for revenge. From there he keep an eye on everything and everyone. And Hringur ... he's just sweet and happy with all this.

Yes, things are just the way they are supposed to be here :D


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