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Kúnstahandverk is the name for the Sigga´s handcraft. Here you can find postcards, water colours and more, all related to the Icelandic horse.

Special orders: Drawings or paintings of f. ex. horses, landscapes, farms or other according to agreement. These are traditional watercolours or pencil drawings.

Send an email with your wishes as well as picture of your horse or something else, which you would like a picture of and I will see if I can paint it beautifully and give you an estimate of cost. A unique gift for a special occasion.


Water colors, hot printed onto birch. The wood gives the pictures an interesting, animated and natural background, which works well with the subject matter.

These pictures are sold without frame. Lightweight and practical to send by mail, little danger of damage during shipping. 


Nine different post- and gift cards with beautiful pictures of Icelandic horses to use for any occasion. There is no text inside the gift cards but a short, fun text in English is with each picture on the front of the card, which can be related to the person receiving the card or just to the picture itself. See photos of the cards down below. 

The cards are sold 9 together in one package for the price of 35 USD + postage. 

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