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Our farm Gufuá is located just north of Borgarnes. The last residents moved from there in the year 1964 and no one has lived there since, until we bought it in 2018. 

Gufuá is a very beautiful farm, with hills where original birch grows, waterfalls, gorges and a canyon, where the salmon river Gufuá flows through. Yes, the river has the same name as the farm – infact the farm is named after the river.

The main riding trail between Thingvalla and Snæfellsness goes through the farmland at Gufuá. But that is not the only trail, since on the farm there are also other great riding trails going in in all directions, free from motor traffic.

The location of the farm and the landscapes are ideal for training horses and to hold longer and shorter riding courses.




















At Gufuá, we practice farming intertwined with slow travel/meet the locals tourism.  We keep riding horses on the farm. Other livestock are sheep (incl. the unique Leader sheep), goats, chickens, sometimes ducks, dogs and cats.  

Sustainability and harmony with nature form the basis of farming practices at our farm Gufaá.

In the summer of 2019, a reforestration-project in cooperation with the State Forestry was started at Gufuá. This project is scheduled to be finished in 10 years.  Another part of the farmland has been dedicated to  High Nature Value Farming (HNV). The aim and purpose of that project is to explore the possibility of integrating agriculture and nature conservation, as well as identifying opportunities, barriers, synergies and potential benefits of conservation measures in agricultural areas. This project has been going on in other countries for quite some time, but Gufuá is among the first farms in Iceland to participate in it.

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