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In the fellowship of goats

Goat walk with the bucks Gandalf, Fili, Kili, Ori & Nori

What you will do:

You will be taken for a guided walk with our goat bucks Gandalf, Fili, Kili, Ori & Nori through the beautiful surroundings of the farm. It will be funny, refreshing and relaxing all at the same time.








GOAT WALK (45 min.)

30 minute walk with goats on a leash. 

A total of 45 minutes with preparation. 

Free for children 6 years and younger.

Price: 3500 ISK per person 


This experience must be booked in advance

Open: 1st of June - 1st of November

Bookings outside of this period are subject to weather and walking conditions.​​

You can book via e-mail or text message or Airbnb.

Minimal amount of paying participants: 2

This experience is ideal for people that are capable of walking in off-road conditions, but children need to be accompanied by adults and are their responsibility. Only children 12 years or older can walk the goats, although they can lead the goats under the supervision of an adult.  





The trek starts at the goat barn and ascends into the wild farmland. We will start by talking about some interesting facts connected to the Icelandic goats. Once we are all ready to go, you will be given a goat buck to lead and our walk starts. 

Since there are only five goat bucks and visitors may me more, we will take turns in leading them. Goats take to trekking quite easily. They will walk with you, around you and among you. The experience is about spending time with these lovely animals, as well as a walk. The walk itself is at a leisurely pace, there is no solid concrete path and it involves a bit of hill and slope walking. Please note that high heels and flip flops are not encouraged. 

Remember to bring your camera to take photos. Once we have had our walk, stopping a few times to let the goat bucks graze (we try not to let them stop to nibble grass for long periods), we will return for a chance to take more photos and give the goats some treats as a thank you to them. This is a nice opportunity to be really close to them and take some selfies.







We'd love to give you our personal service and our hope is that you'll end up with lots of memories, funny photos and a unique experience from both the animals and surroundings. 

We will be spending all of our time outside (RAIN or SHINE) so appropriate seasonal attire and good shoes are needed. Waterproof boots are a must if it is wet/rainy. 

Our hike ends at the goat barn, where it began. On the way, there will be plenty of time for photos and stops for catching your breath. 

We are a small private farm, so no crowds - just our family home with our animals for you to enjoy. Other animals on the farm are dogs, cats, chickens, horses and sheep. 


We speak English, Danish and German.



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